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Marketing with focus on conversions

An increasing online competition makes a good marketing strategy crucial! How can you prevent (potential) customers switching to your competitor? How do you broaden the focus group of your organisation? There are various marketing strategies that help you increase your sales in the short and long term. At SiteOnline, marketing specialists are ready to help you find an optimal marketing mix for your organisation. Such a marketing mix often consists of a combination of SEO, SEA and marketing campaigns on social media, for example.

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up-to-date website development

Your website, more then a design

A website is an indispensable part of your organisation! It is often said that a website is an online business card. We not only help you with the development of a design that matches the identity of your organisation. We also optimize the user-friendliness, findability and conversion of your website. We will look beyond the website for a laptop or personal computer. After all, more and more people visit websites with a mobile device. We ensure that the website is also optimized for these potential customers! After delivery you can keep the website up-to-date with our extensive reference work, full of useful instruction videos. Is it not working now? We are always ready to offer you a helping hand.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO
Google optimization SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is aimed at improving your position in the search results. This process consists of different phases. First, we will find out which keywords are interesting for the products and services that you offer. We will then map the competition on these keywords. Based on this information, we set up a suitable SEO-campaign for you to improve your positions on the most important keywords. A marketing strategy for the long term!

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Search Engine Advertising SEA
Google ads advertising on Google

Search Engine Advertising

While SEO campaigns are primarily aimed at a structurally better performance in the future, a SEA campaign focuses on the short term. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. This means you buy advertising space in a search engine in order to attract more visitors to your website. Did you know that Google users often only look at the first four or five search results? Extensive keyword research is also essential at SEA. Which keywords will give you the highest conversion? How do you optimize the return on your SEA campaigns?

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Social Media marketing Facebook advertising
social media advertising instagram marketing

Marketing via social media

Social media is an essential part of the internet! Respond to this by setting up marketing campaigns for social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Viral marketing is an important part of this. The greater the interaction around a post on social media, the greater your reach will be. Setting up a good marketing campaign for social media starts with an inventory of your target group. Based on this, we help you search for a suitable type of posting and the best way to share it within your target group. Consider the difference between a funny posting, an informative posting, an image or a piece of text, etc.

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create a newsletter email marketing
send newsletters newsletter marketing

Newsletter as marketing measure

A good way to improve the relationship with customers is to set up a newsletter. Newsletters help remind customers of the products you offer, the promotions that currently apply, etc. However, setting up a good newsletter campaign often proves to be more difficult than expected in advance. If a newsletter does not match your target group, it may deteriorate the relationship with customers. Our marketing specialists use their experience and knowledge to help you with this.

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video marketing animation video
video youtube marketing video

Video marketing for your organisation

Video marketing is the current trend! Potential customers prefer to watch a short videos than to read a long piece of text. After all, an image or video image says more than a thousand words, according to the cliché! This can be a video on a website such as YouTube, but also, for example, a video on your own website. Insert the video on your pages after the introduction, so that visitors cannot miss it. You can insert a well-formulated Call to Action inside or below the video to encourage visitors to take a next step. Think of requesting a quote, ordering a product, etc.

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google analytics analytics
visitor statistics data specialists

Google Analytics

Whichever form of marketing you choose, the use of Google Analytics should not be missing from your strategy. With Google Analytics it is possible to follow users when they visit your website. Which pages do visitors stay on the longest? Where do visitors come from? And so on. Converting such data to information is essential to optimize your marketing strategy. Data specialists from SiteOnline help you to collect and interpret this data, with the main goal of improving your turnover.

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