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Google Analytics visitor statistics

Data is hot, also within the marketing world! Based on the collected data about the visitors to your website, you can further optimize marketing strategies. This data can also help you to further optimize your website. Google Analytics is a very pleasant tool for collecting this data. Integrating this tool on your website is relatively easy. It does not matter how your website is developed. To view the data, you must have a Google account. Our marketers are happy to help you with that!

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Get various data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers you an extensive dashboard where you can find a lot of information about your visitors. For example, think of where your website was visited from, the device used for this, the language on which this device was set, etc. It is even possible to see if your visitors are fans of Apple or Android! What's also interesting is the information about the duration of the visit to your website, the page on which your website was left, etc. Our marketers help you to design this dashboard in an intelligent way. This way you can get even more out of the collected data!

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Using data from Google Analytics

It is not only fun to analyse the data collected with Google Analytics. You naturally also want to do something with this! For example, it may be interesting to use the data to determine your online target group. Based on this information you can have your marketing campaigns built on this. You also want to know on which pages people are leaving your website. Why exactly on those pages? For example, is a Call To Action (CTA) missing on these pages? We help you analyse the data and use it to further optimize your website and marketing campaigns.

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