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Customized applications

Digitization and automation are among the trends of the moment! By automating processes, they usually can be conducted more efficiently. After all, you no longer have to spend time on this yourself. Automation can be done in various ways. One of the options you have here is the development of custom applications. SiteOnline is happy to help you with this! We make an inventory of your wishes and think along with you about the options for designing processes more efficiently with customized solutions. Consider, for example, the possibility for employees to enter work sheets via an app and have them approved immediately. It prevents you to send them by email in which case you will soon lose the overview.

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Custom applications that simplify processes

To develop an app for the preparation and approval of job sheets by employees is just one example of the possibilities. You could, for example, expand this app with the possibility to let employees apply for leave, to have them see their pay slip, and so on. With the introduction of the GDPR, it has become increasingly important to properly secure these apps. The developers of SiteOnline work according to the latest standards for software development. It prevents data from your employees being publicly exposed.

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Options for custom applications are endless

With the development of customized applications, the options are virtually endless. For example, you could also have a digital registration form developed. Or what about the use of artificial intelligence in combination with floor plans? It means that distances no longer have to be measured manually. From now on you have this done automatically by your customized solution. Our experienced consultants and developers are happy to offer you an overview of the options. You will be amazed by the opportunities you have when you choose to digitize processes!

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