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Video marketing for your organisation

You have probably heard that the marketing strategy of your organisation can be organized in more and more ways. Whereas previously people opted for advertising on the radio or in a local newspaper, nowadays the possibilities are increasingly extensive! Think for example of SEO, SEA, social media marketing, setting up a newsletter, etc. An important part of your marketing strategy is the way you try to convey a message. Video marketing can help you with this! Our marketers are happy to help you with the use of video marketing on your website and using social media. This way you get even more out of your marketing activities!

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Reasons to opt for video marketing

The main reason for choosing video marketing is the increasing competition. Visitors want an answer to their question quickly. This can be a demand for information, but also a demand for a specific product. If they do not find the required information on your website within a few clicks, they will leave your website. Competitors, on the other hand, may provide the information within a few clicks. In addition, visitors do not have the time and motivation to read long texts. It is more pleasant for visitors to watch a short film, to study an infographic, etc.

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Video marketing gets the attention of your visitors

With video marketing you can attract the attention of your visitors. This applies to both visitors to your website and your pages on social media. Use short videos of no more than two or three minutes in which a certain subject or product is introduced. We also call this snackable content. When a visitor becomes interested, they will watch the next (more extensive) video or read an attached text. You can refer to this text at the end of the video. The chance that visitors watch a video is much greater than the chance that they will immediately read a long text.

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