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Links with other systems (APIs)

Organisations usually use different systems. Consider, for example, a system for keeping records and sending invoices, a system for keeping track of project planning, a CRM system for relationship management, and so on. In many cases the systems are used separately. This is certainly not efficient! After all, data from one system can be valuable in another system. This way information from your accounting could benefit your CRM system. SiteOnline is happy to help develop links between these systems. It helps you make processes run even more efficiently!

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Use of APIs within your infrastructure

To simplify the application landscape within your organisation, the use of APIs can be a smart choice. APIs make it possible to link systems together. After systems are linked, data can be exchanged between these systems. This way, information from your accounting can also be viewed within your CRM system. This allows you to have access to the most recent data about customers, your turnover, and so on in every system. This improves the efficiency of work processes within your organisation and makes it possible to get even more out of this data.

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Customized links between systems

When you use a third party's accounting system or project management tool, they can sometimes be linked to each other. By default, many of these tools offer the possibility to connect APIs to each other. Unfortunately, it also happens regularly that this option is not offered. The number of possible links is also limited. So, you will just have to use the accounting system or the project management tool, which can be linked to other systems within your organisation. To be able to connect different systems with each other in those situations, SiteOnline offers you customized solutions. These solutions connect seamlessly with your wishes and the systems used within your organisation.

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