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Marketing using social media

Marketing occurs in various forms! For example, consider SEO, SEA, marketing using a local newspaper, marketing by radio or television, etc. Marketing using social media has gained popularity in recent years. After all, social media is an essential part of the internet! In addition, the use of radio and television is declining, especially among young people, while the use of social media is increasing. Well-known social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media marketing occurs in various forms. Perhaps you have already heard of viral marketing?

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Viral marketing on social media

The main purpose of social media marketing is to increase your reach. There are different ways to accomplish this. One of the most popular forms of social media marketing is viral marketing. Here it is your goal to develop such an interesting post that it is massively shared by followers on social media. The more often a message is shared, the greater your reach will be. This way you can reach a large group of potential customers in a short time! However, this seems easier than it is in practice. How do you find the target group that fits your organisation? In which way do you achieve a unique post that is interesting for your target group? Etc.

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Experts in the field of social media marketing

Social media marketing requires a completely different approach than, for example, Search Engine Optimization. Our marketing experts help you identify the most important target group of your organisation. Are these young people or adults? Do these consumers come from a specific part of the Netherlands, or are they active throughout the country? Based on this information, a post is developed that appeals to this target group. By incorporating a subtle joke or current affairs, the interaction with your target group increases. Now it is only a matter of finding a suitable place where you can publish this post. This can be on your own account, but also using social influencers, for example.

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