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Newsletter as marketing tool

The relationship with customers is essential to increase your turnover in the long term. It is not by chance that many organisations use a CRM system. With a CRM system, marketing campaigns can be further personalized to get more out of existing customers. On a smaller scale, a newsletter can also be an appropriate means to improve the relationship with customers. However, a newsletter can also damage this relationship! It is therefore important to think carefully in advance about how a newsletter is used by your organisation as a marketing tool. The marketers of SiteOnline are happy to help you with this.

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The structure of a newsletter for your organisation

Various factors play an important role in a newsletter. Consider the frequency with which a newsletter is sent, the structure and content of a newsletter, etc. A newsletter is interesting for customers when it is of value to them. This value can be in attractive discount promotions, in interesting articles about developments around services or products that you sell, etc. The structure of a newsletter often depends on the target group of your organisation. Young people expect a different content than seniors in many cases. The same applies to the layout of the newsletter.

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Collecting members for a newsletter

It is not only the way in which you organize the newsletter of your organisation that determines its success. Setting up a newsletter starts with collecting e-mail addresses. People often place a simple form on the homepage of a website where visitors can leave their e-mail address. This is not always the most efficient solution! A visitor must have an incentive to register. For example, combine such a form with a first discount promotion, with a free e-book, etc. We are happy to think along with you to get even more out of your newsletter and marketing strategy!

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