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SiteOnline helps you in various ways to optimize the service to your customers. On the one hand, by getting more out of your relationship with customers. For example, by developing a customized CRM system. On the other hand, by offering your customers the service they deserve. It can be great for customers, for example, when they have access to a customer portal. On a customer portal, customers can view their invoices, have the option to request support, and so on. This does not only offer benefits for your customers. Developing a customized customer portal can also be interesting for your own organisation. It creates an overview of your service to customers!

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More overview with a customer portal

By having a customer portal developed, you can immediately see which support a customer has already requested in the past. You can also find out how your employees responded to the request for support back then. In addition, it is possible to compare support requests from other customers with a new request. For example, a customer service representative does not have to reinvent the wheel, but an answer already given can be copied to the current case. In this way, a customer portal not only provides an overview, but also a more efficient execution of processes.

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Have a customer portal developed

It is important that a customer portal matches the services and products you offer. What information should the customer portal provide you with in the future? Should it be possible to divide customers into different groups? And so on. Distributing customers among different groups can be interesting when you offer different types of products. Do not only observe your own wishes, but also the wishes of a customer. What information must the customer be provided with? By offering your customer a perfect customer portal, it will be more loyal.

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