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Previously, the various departments of an organisation focused primarily on their own data and tasks. Nowadays you can use an ERP system to exchange data between different departments. After all, data collected by your sales department can also be of interest to the department that deals with your relationship management. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which focuses on the most efficient possible organisation of business processes. Instead of completely separate processes, they are linked to each other in an ERP system. SiteOnline can help you with the development of an ERP system that matches your organisation!

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Automate and digitize

Not only is it possible with an ERP system to make data interchangeable between different departments. Many processes can also be digitized and automated. This way, the exchange of data is automatic! With an ERP system, a central database is used, to which all departments can add their data. The systems used by the various departments of your organisation extract their data from this central database just as easily. This way, everyone always has access to the most recent data. Using APIs allows for linking different systems to an ERP system.

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ERP-systems consist of modules

The various processes that are combined in an ERP system are subdivided into modules. When developing an ERP system, you decide which of these modules should be added to the system. A small organisation will need fewer modules to make business processes more efficient than a large multinational. This does not mean, however, that a small company benefits less from an ERP system! Our consultants are happy to offer you more insight into the benefits that the use of an ERP system can have for your organisation.

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