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Process optimization is an essential part of every business. By mapping, optimizing and automating processes you increase the efficiency of your organisation and your employees can focus on issues that really matter! What was the last time you searched for areas for improvement within your processes? The software consultants and developers of SiteOnline are happy to think along with you. We have a good idea of the latest trends in software development. We use this knowledge to give you a good idea of the possibilities that can benefit your organisation!

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Project management Projectmanagement
get a grip on your projects Projects management

Project management in software development

Before we start developing your software solution, we prepare a list of requirements together. Based on your priorities, we process the desired functions in your software solution. In the meantime, we deliver parts of the end product, so that you have the option to make adjustments where necessary. As a client you are always in the lead! For some projects it is nice to watch from a distance, while we further develop your customized solution. In other cases, it is better to be more involved in the project, so that adjustments can be made in the interim. We do not opt for agile work or the waterfall method, but for a method that fits your project!

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Intranet Intranet for your organisation
prevent missing important info Intranet

Intranet for your organisation

With the development of an intranet, communication within your organisation will now run more smoothly. Instead of using different communication channels, employees now know exactly where they need to be! It prevents employees from missing important information, not being supplied with it or losing it. An intranet can be put together entirely to your wishes. Consider the development of different channels within your intranet, assigning different rights to users, etc.

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custom applications develop custom applications
custom apps custom application

Develop custom applications

Process automation is usually accompanied by the development of custom applications. An application must seamlessly meet the wishes of your organisation. Too many functions make an application unclear, while too few functions mean that you have to develop a new system quickly. SiteOnline helps you prevent this by advising you personally.

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Customer relation management your customer relationships
Customized CRM system CRM system

Customized CRM system

A CRM system helps you get more out of your customer relationships. A CRM system is particularly useful for setting up targeted marketing campaigns. Consider sending a personal discount if you suspect that a consumer needs your service or product again. Where you previously had to figure this out manually, a CRM system does this automatically for you! It is just an example of the possibilities that you can take advantage of with a CRM system.

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API integration application programming interface
integrating software solutions API

Link with other systems (API integration)

When integrating software solutions within your organisation, the use of so-called APIs can be interesting. An API makes it possible to link your new system to existing systems. For example, consider a CRM or ERP system that is linked to web store software. Transactions in your online store are automatically entered into your CRM or ERP system. It saves you a lot of time and manpower! You can use the saved time to set up new marketing campaigns from your CRM system.

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ERP system Enterprise resource planning
digital infrastructure ERP

Develop a customized ERP system

An ERP system is often seen as the heart of the digital infrastructure of organisations. With such a system, different departments within your organisation can access the same data quickly and easily. Whereas previously individual systems were often used per department, SiteOnline helps you identify the needs of the departments of your organisation in order to compose an ERP system based on this. We will continue to involve you and your employees in the functions of the ERP system during the development process.

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customer portal build better relationships
customer satisfaction customer portal

Set up a customer portal

Increase the involvement of your customers by having a customized customer portal developed. With a customer portal you improve the service towards your customers in order to work on a better relationship with customers. In addition, with a customer portal it is possible to optimize processes, which leads to time savings, a higher return from your after sales and an improvement in customer satisfaction. Our specialists help you to set up a customer portal that meets the needs of your customers.

Customer portal
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