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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system is indispensable for both large and smaller organisations. With a CRM system you get the most out of your customer relations. Consider, for example, the possibility of making an offer to customers after a purchase for an additional service or second product that you can offer them. This way you increase the conversion from your after sales, which increases the turnover of your organisation. It can also be interesting to analyse data from your CRM system. How many days or months elapse on average between your customers' purchases? Based on this data you can send customers a discount code around the expected second purchase. It increases the chance that they will choose your organisation again.

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Options in the field of CRM-systems

The range of CRM systems has increased considerably in recent years. Various organisations offer CRM systems, for which you pay a fixed monthly amount. The higher your monthly payment, the more functions you can use. However, we believe that these solutions often do not fit perfectly to the needs of your organisation. You may miss certain functions, or you will find the system unclear enough due to numerous superfluous functions. That is why SiteOnline is happy to help you develop a customized CRM system. A CRM system that seamlessly meets your needs!

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Have a customized CRM system developed

When developing a customized CRM system, we do not only make an inventory of your personal wishes. We are also happy to think along with you about possibilities to get the most out of your relationship management. This way we achieve a combination of functions that offer you the perfect CRM system. Our developers will then work for you to develop the system for you. Do you want to add a feature to your CRM system later? This is no problem with a customized CRM system!

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