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Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads)

Search Engine Advertising means the use of advertising campaigns within search engines to attract more visitors to your website. Did you know that Google users often only look at the first three to five results? They often find the information or products that they are looking for on these websites. If your website is not in one of these positions, you may miss out on many potential customers! The SiteOnline marketers help you to prevent this. Not only with Search Engine Advertising, often abbreviated as SEA, but also with Search Engine Optimization. This way you focus on both the short and the longer term.

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How does Search Engine Advertising work?

The idea behind Search Engine Advertising is to buy advertising space to be at the top of the search results. When buying advertising space, an auction is used. The party with the highest bid per clicks on the advertisement is allocated the advertising space. You can recognize these ads by the small, green block with “Adv.” in the search results. You can also buy advertising space on the websites of publishers. These are website owners who choose to use Google Adsense, with which they earn from the clicks on advertisements on their website. We use Google Adwords to purchase this advertising space for your website. However, this is more than randomly offering interesting keywords! After all, you want to spend your marketing budget as efficiently as possible.

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The road to efficient advertisements

The road to deploying efficient advertisements consists of several steps. Our marketers will first conduct an extensive keyword search for you. On which keywords is it interesting for you to rank high? How big is the competition on these keywords? A high competition is logically associated with high costs. We will do the search until we have found the pearls for your website! These are keywords with a large search volume, relevant to your services or products and with a relatively low price per click. During this process we will keep you informed of the achieved results with reports.

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