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Project management

When you carry out a larger number of projects side by side, sometimes it is hard to keep an overwiew. Many organisations use Microsoft Excel, Apple’s Numbers or an online tool. It even happens that organisations get on with these projects without any tools! The chance of errors is very high in this case. Projects are not conducted on time or on the previously agreed budget, or projects fail to include important parts, because they were not properly communicated to the development team. SiteOnline is happy to provide you with a customized tool for your project management.

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Keep projects clear

Keeping an overview is the basis of good project management. Knowing which tasks must be performed at what time and by whom, which parts of the end product must be delivered in the interim, and so on. This way you know exactly who is responsible! By having a custom project management tool developed within your organisation, it fits in seamlessly with the wishes of your employees. It not only makes project execution clearer. Projects are also more fun when more and more tasks disappear from the to-do list!

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Parts of a project management tool

In our view, project management software must meet various requirements. The tool should not only give you an insight into the tasks that must be performed in the coming period. The tool must also offer employees the option of keeping their records. What costs have been incurred? How many hours have been spent on a project? And so on. You must be able to view this record at any time, so that you can quickly interact with your development team and your client if budgets are threatened to be exceeded. What requirements must a project management tool meet? SiteOnline is happy to help you develop a tailor-made tool for your organisation!

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