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Intranet for internal communication

As your organisation grows in size, it will become increasingly difficult to keep a clear communication with your employees. Contact with your employees is not always direct. More and more often you will hire a manager to inform employees about important matters. To create a better overview of the communication with your employees, the use of a customized intranet could be interesting. Medium and large organisations in particular benefit from such a system. This is not only more pleasant for your employees; it also benefits you! We are happy to tell you more about it.

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Clear communication with intranet

A tailor-made intranet offers you the opportunity to share current affairs with all your employees at once. No more separate emails to managers, but a simple news message on your intranet keeps employees up to date with the latest news! This way you know for sure that every employee will see the news. In addition, managers within your organisation will not be charged any further. When you instruct them to send an email to the employees, there is a chance they forget about it. In that case not everyone is informed in time about important developments within your organisation.

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Options with intranet for your organisation

When you have a customized intranet developed for your organisation, you have various options. For example, you can choose to create separate subgroups within your intranet. This way you can inform specific groups of employees about certain developments. In addition, these departments of your organisation can communicate with each other separately from other departments using the subgroups. It makes interaction on an intranet less unilateral! It can also be interesting to offer your employees the opportunity to create learning objectives for themselves. Or what do you think about the option of measuring staff satisfaction?

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